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Shirin Benamadi & Leyla LahsiniShirin Benamadi & Leyla LahsiniKenzibox
"Maria and Klaus were extremely supportive of us during the Ro'ya program in 2015. It was a pleasure to see them, bounce ideas, get answers to burning questions and have their guidance to sustainably grow our business, KenziBox. They coached us with an expert eye, gave us the tools to create solutions and evaluate our value proposition in the market. It was an terrific experience and we're grateful for the chance we had to work with them."

Winner Ro'Ya 2015

Amira AwwadAmira AwwadMedsconnect
When I entered the program, MedsConnect was just an idea.  Grow.ME with their extensive entrepreneurial experience helped me  put this idea into a working business model and move forward.
They worked with me to identify my product’s strengths and unique values, and to pitch from the heart to  win.
Fauza BeltzFauza BeltzBIF Design
On the first day I was uncertain about my business. Working with grow.ME in the workshop wasenlightening. They have molded me as an individual into a more dynamic business woman.Grow.ME has empowered me to strengthen my vision and direction of my business, so that I can moveforward building my brand with confidence and clarity.
Jennifer Neff & Leeann Monk OzgulJennifer Neff & Leeann Monk OzgulElemental Software
'We were supported in the critical stages of developing our digital health start up company by Maria and Klaus. We would not be where we are today without their support and straight talking approach. With their help we have validated the market place and are about to launch technology which enables healthcare professionals to prescribe social activities to patients which reduce health risks'.
Yamna KhanYamna KhanPerks Plus
"I entered ROYA with just an idea of what I wanted to do. In the next few months, with the guidance of Maria and Klaus I learned that there's so much more to a business than just the initial idea. From legal and financial assistance to networking and finding my working style, it's been a steep learning curve. I now have a concrete business plan and will soon go live with my product. With this opportunity, I would like to thank the team for their constant support throughout my journey."
"There’s something about Klaus and Maria that’s difficult to put a finger on. They’re at the top of their game. That’s a given.But there’s more. There’s an innate sense of calm leadership that isn’t tangible in that sense of the word, but shines through like a bright force as soon as they enter a room.They walk in with a purpose. The purpose to help, to build, to grow. Not just businesses, but the people behind those businesses. Their entrepreneurial spirit is strong, but perhaps more so, their desire to give back in knowledge what they have gained.Attending a workshop or seminar hosted by Klaus or Maria instantly makes ones feel as though in the presence of an old friend. It’s okay to slip up, because they have the expertise to pull you back again. Their lessons are strong, but their manner soft; delicate almost.I met both Klaus and Maria a year ago during a female entrepreneurship incentive by Dubai Business Women’s Council. The programme was called Ro’ya, and Klaus and Maria were at its helm. They guided nearly a hundred women from realising a dream to creating a product. They groomed, washed and scrubbed them along the way; nudging the women forward, ever so gently, so diligently; all the while, moulding, teaching, moulding teaching...One year later, I watch with fondness as Grow. ME stays true to it’s moniker and quite literally, grows.I can say with confidence that anyone with such a strong passion for their game, will be nothing but successful.

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