News Flash: We are speaking at WomenSME

We are thrilled to be speaking at this years WomenSME 2017 event, 3rd  4th Oct in Dubai.

When women do better, economies do better.
WOMENSME conference will not only unite the most powerful ladies of the region but will showcase their great achievements. A film about Women who lives in UAE and do their work with Love will be shown.

According to the Kaufmann Foundation, a US$2 billion private US non-profit focusing on education and entrepreneurship, women are only a third as likely to get access to equity financing through angel investments or venture capital.

The International Finance Corporation estimates that leaves a financing gap for women-owned SMEs in developing countries of $285bn.

You want to do something good for economy? Invest in WomenSME.

Gone are the days when MENA women worked only at education institutes, hospitals and government institutions. MENA women of today have assumed prominent roles as decision-makers, bankers, journalists, judges, lawyers, media figures and scientific researchers. In fact, the number of women holding ministerial-level positions and other roles in public life has increased significantly in the last decade.

Within MENA, women from the UAE seem to have achieved the most. Nearly one-fourth of the 100 most powerful Arab women listed by Arabian Business consisted of Emiratis. They were followed by women from Kuwait, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia.

Women in the UAE and elsewhere around the region are an unshakeable economic force, with assets worth $385 billion (Dh1.4 trillion) managed by female-led small and medium enterprises.

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Women-able 2017: Cohort #1 pitch

May 20: Dubai:  It was great to see so many of our 2016 alumni join us to support this year’s 1st cohort  pitch their business at the Mall of Emirates Sheraton.  On stage, with a microphone  and in front of their families and supporters, Casey, Gerti, Mercy, Nicholla, Nisrine, Haifa, Rana and Isabelle conquered their nerves and sold their value proposition.

We were delighted to have our principle mentors, Paula Bellamy Managing Director Ocean Wide Logistics and Maurice Cassan, the maestro of the strap line join us to provide insights and feedback.

Again the wide variety of entries has produced some interesting entities; Nisrine Salah and Eshraqatee – providing personal healthcare services for our citizens in their golden years.  Casey Cole from  the HR-dept, specializing in strategic HR support for small businesses on the growth track.  Nicholla Henderson-Hall presented a supermarket concept for sourcing software solutions for start ups. Social support initiatives that solve problems for expats include an app to provide quality short notice baby sitting services for busy families without a maid and a global relocation concept for nomadic families who relocate every 2-5 years.

With summer now upon us, feedback and developing the road map for the way forward is the next priority in continuing the journey.

Again a huge thanks to Theresa, Maya, Olga and Nida for your time and support in welcoming our newest members to our Women-able tribe.

See you in September when we start again.

Interested in joining in September or sign up on this site today.

We start again on Saturday 18th March

Join us in 2017

Women-able is set to induct our first cohort for 2017 on Saturday 18th March.

Throughout the next 8 weeks, our selected entrepreneurs will go on a journey to shape and create their business.

Customers, Channels, Finance, Commercial acumen and most importantly growing confidence to go out and make sales.

We are delighted some of our 2016 alumni will be joining us to welcome our new entrants.

Curious, we still have space – email  and find out how to join Women-able.